More than 50 billion apps have been downloaded through Apple’s The App Store alone. Over 65% of the US population own a smart phone.

People love them and use them – every day. Some every hour. They will use yours too.

MiMedia Productions is the leader in event app development. We have an in-house app creation team ready to develop your event app. You tell us exactly how you would like it or we will create it for you.

Your event will never be the same with your own app.

*This is absolutely FREE for our customers (you only pay Apple and / or Android the fee to host on their marketplace).

See below form more information and downloads or call us at 1-949-554-8930 for a free demo or to ask us questions – we are here to take care of you.


Instant Changes
Every element of your app is changeable – instantly. As things change, so does your app. We made it easy to make any change at anytime from anywhere.
Powerful Analytics
How many users are using your app? What device they are using or what tab is the most popular? How much time are they spending on the app or where are they located. This information and so much more provided for you in your app analytics.
Custom Appearance
We create highly custom looking mobile apps. Nearly every element of the app is changeable to fit your event and theme perfectly
Apple's App Store, Google Play or Online
Our apps are available on nearly 98% of smart phones and tablets available and in use today. We even make your app available on your computer.
Simple Platform
Simplicity is the backbone of our app platform. We made it simple to interact with your app from anywhere in the world at anytime.
Event Schedule & Speaker Information
Your schedule is easy to find, anytime, anywhere. And change it instantly if needed. All information about your event is easy to find and interact with.


    • Instant Feedback: Set up simple survey tabs and get your needed information instantly.
    • Engage! Interact! Pictures, Chat Rooms, Feedback, Gamification and so much more: Engage and interact with attendees like never before.
    • Live Interactive Maps: Who, what, where and how. All easy to find with a live, interactive app map.
    • Floor Plans found instantly: Venue pictures and graphs all available on the app. Never get lost again.
    • Premium Quality: Our apps are high quality NATIVE apps which mean they live and breath on the device, not an html app that constantly breaks down and is hard to use.



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