The lights are on and so is your meeting.  For a concert, lighting is everything.  For your event, lighting adds the finishing touches by complementing your theme, décor, fabric treatments and props.  We are also industry leaders in lighting rental.

Uplights.  Lighting trees.  Colored lenses.  Gobo projection.  Moving lights.  Use a combination of lights and colors to create dramatic effects and to add warmth and depth.

Soft and elegant or bright and bold.  Turn on the lights and watch your event light up.

See your name in lights. Brand your event as distinctively yours the way no other prop can. Custom gobos can recreate your company name or logo and be displayed in a variety of colors. Gobos can be used to illuminate the outside of buildings, inside ballrooms, dance floors and even the bottom of a swimming pool.

Theme gobos can complement or be used in lieu of standard props. They are a great option to decorate ceilings and tents or to dress up bare ballroom walls.

Free Video Services and Rental Quote

”MiMedia is our “go to” company when it comes to planning and executing all of our fund raising events. We leave it all up to Mike and his team—from video and sound to props and room ambiance they deliver with innovative ideas and perfect execution. We really feel that Mike and MiMedia are a part of our team.”

- Nora Caldwell - Fund Development Manager, Human Options



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